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Locomotive Luggage is gone, but would it be coming back?

One of our most popular kids luggage for the past year, the train shaped luggage suitcase is now completely sold out. There might still be a couple of units that you might be able to find at, but I don’t think the inventory there would last long either. Our purchasing department want to bring back the luggage with some improvements. We appreciate if customer and fans can use this blog or email us with feedback on how you like to see this luggage concept improved. Would you like to see it a little bigger? a little stronger? in different color? Give us your thoughts and we will bring a better product out for Holiday 2009.

Wii, flex your Nintendo power with these Holiday gift ideas!

It’s the Holiday season again. Lot of young friends, including my own son and daughter wish Santa bring them a Wii. But for friends who already own Wii, these are some cute gift ideas for Nintendo fans:

1. All I know I learnt from Nintendo tshirt, design by Changes

2. Nintendo character plush toy including: Mario, Luigi, Wario

3. Japanese flag flavored Tshirt featuring Mario and Yoshi

Why use Google Checkout!

Some customers who are new to Google Checkout have hesitated about using it. Here are some reasons why they hesitated, and the reasoning behind why it’s to your best interest to use Google Checkout:

1. Customer: “I don’t have a Google Account yet”
Answer: “Don’t worry about not having a Google Account previously. Just create one now while you shop. You would be spending the same time, entering the same address and payment information, as if you were to checkout through the merchant directly. The only difference with Google Checkout is that you need to create a password (8 characters length), and that is for your own security. Once you have entered the information, you automatically create a Google account, and you will be able to use it again and again. In addition to make future purchase faster and easier (since you won’t have to enter the same billing information again) You also make online shopping safer, since now only Google has your payment information, and not 10 or 20 different merchants.

2. Customer: “I don’t know if I can trust Google with my credit card info”
Answer: Google is a big company. Much Bigger than for now. If you trust cartoonfansclub, then you should trust Google too.

3. Customer: “I don’t want too many people to have my email address”
Answer: With Google Checkout, you can keep your email address confidential, and easily turn off unwanted emails from stores where you use Google Checkout.

Big season for Elmo

With Christmas just around the corner, Elmo and friends from Sesame Street Workshop are getting hot again! Here is our 2008 Elmo toy scoreboard (ranked by popularity):

1. Barbie loves Elmo doll playset by Mattel

2. Elmo Game House. Perfect gift to entertain the young fans. But adults needs to spare sometime to play and share the fun!

3. My First Pals (available in characters Elmo, Cookie Monster, or Big Bird). Soft and cuddly, as the name indicates, these are perfect teether plush toys designed for toddlers

4. For the sportive fans, this Elmo scooter may be just what you need for a fun day out!

5. For the little helpers who like to help bag and carry, this Sesame Street large woven tote is practical and useful for toys, laundry, or art supplies.

6. Enjoy a day of sunshine outdoors with Elmo! Make sure you protect your eyes with Elmo sunglasses. And if the weather is not all that sunshine, you can still enjoy the day knowing that in the eventuality of rain, Elmo umbrella is there to protect

7. When it’s time for a trip, don’t leave Elmo behind. Carry your travel gear and accessories with this practical size Elmo duffle bag

8. Large Elmo cuddle plush is your best friend to hug and share night time stories with.

Sportscoverage Holiday Schedule!

Hey sports fans! Checkout our sports category and pick a sports themed gift featuring your favorite teams. has a great selection of home decor and gifts from the MLB, NHL, NFL and NCAA. Aside from our great selection of floor mats, car mats, watches, and lighters we also offer a great selection of bedding sets, accessories, and home décor by Sports Coverage Inc!

When planning your holiday shopping, keep in mind that many of the Sports Coverage products are made to order and usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to a to the customer. To ensure that your order will arrive on time for the holidays, place your order by December 1, 2008. Orders received after December first may not arrive on time for the holidays depending on the shipping location and the shipping method that you choose. For your reference, here is the Sports Coverage Holiday calendar for year 2008:


All orders received on or before December 1 and are “READY FOR SHIPMENT” will be sent out
before or by December 20. subject to change depending on inventory

After December 1, we will continue to ship orders via UPS ground and you will have the option
to expedite orders.

Expedited shipping option means faster transit time, but does not mean it will be made or shipped out earlier. All expedited orders will be completed based upon inventory availability.

Orders received via website will be processed electronically on a daily basis.

Also, please take note that any and all “mail or phone orders” are processed manually and may result in delays due to the high volume of holiday orders.

We encourage you to hurry and place your web order today!

High School Musical Gifts For The Holiday

With the release of the newest addition to Disney’s High School Musical series, High School Musical 3: Senior Year has been exceeding all expectation in ticket sales, CD sales and product sales. The movie has been such a hit with tweens and teens that Disney is even planning a fourth installment due out in 2010. Do you have a son or daughter that is a fan of the series? Here are our 10 popular High School Musical theme toys and gifts for your consideration:

1. HSM Beauty and make up set

2. High School Musical Pencils

3. Diary and Notebooks

4. High School Musical Pillow with Journal

5. High School Musical Stationery Value set

6. HSM Stickers adhesives

7. Hair Clips, or bracelets

8. HSM carry all tin box

9. HSM Photo Album

10. HSM Messenger bag, backpack, or luggage

Magic of Tinker Bell

With the recent release of Tinker Bell movie and dvd, fairy related toys and supplies have become one of the hottest trends for 2008 Holiday shopping. In fact, according to web search statistics at cartoonfansclub, Tinker Bell currently ranks as the 3rd most frequently searched character name. That’s up from #9 from last month.

Some of the hottest Tinker Bell gifts are:

Dolls & Toys

Tinker Bell Ride-Along Friends Doll Playset $ 26.00 by
Tinker Bell plush backpack $ 18.50 by
Tinker Bell Fashion Playset $ 28.50 by Superbackpack

Fashion Accessories
Very Sassy Tinker Bell Zip Wallet $13.95
Tinker Bell knit beanie & gloves

School Supplies

Very Glamour Fairy Backpack
Tinker Bell Pencils , crayons, diary, bookcovers


Peter Pan and Tinker Bell 3 DVD gift set
Tinker Bell 2008

Smart Holiday Shopping Tips

It has been nearly two months since the Wall Street meltdown and the credit crunch shook up. Unemployment rate is up, consumer confidence is down… with all these negative news around us, it’s important to plan early and spend wisely. Here are some planning tips:

1. Plan early and have a shopping list.
It’s my own experience that if you write down your shopping list, it’s easier to stick within budget and not end up buying too much because of impulse purchase.

2. Do a product search online.
Do a quick search online through Google and Google Products. Learn your products, hear some reviews to help you decide whether it’s the appropriate gift for the intended recepient. Also learn the market price so as to help you know what is a fair price and spot a deal when you see it.

3. Consider substitute products
Is it absolutely necessary, and the only product that will work? Consider alternatives… Can you use an alternative product, or brand? Substitute may offer more bang for your bucks. For toy and school supplies, online stores such as cartoonfansclub and superbackpack offer easy to browse search function where you can easily shop and compare alternatives

4. Calculate the time wisely.
When doing your shopping online, check when can product ship, where it is shipping from… For example, most items sold online manufactured by Sports Coverage ship in 2 to 3 weeks from time of ordering. Make sure you allow enough time and order in advance.
Knowing the transit time will also help you determine the method of shipping so that you don’t overspend on shipping and still have your package ontime. Here is a valuable tool from Fedex that will help you determine the transit time

5. Consider the total cost of purchase and delivery
Many online payment services such as paypal and amazon payments offer special financing options. Knowing when you can pay them off will help you get a better picture of the overall cost. If you are buying the gift for someone located in a different location, where mailing is necessary. Compare the cost of shopping locally + mailing cost, vs the cost of shopping online. Most online stores these days offer a lower rate of shipping than what you would pay if you were to ship yourself. For example, amazon fulfilment items ship for free when qualified purchase is over $ 25.00. So if you can get an item for $ 25.00 at amazon with free shipping, and the same item in a local store for $ 20.00. Knowing item weighs 2.5 Lbs, Where would you spend your shopping dollars? (Assuming you have to pay $ 9.30 to mail it (flat rate box mail), then your cost of purchase would be $ 20.00 + local tax + 9.30 shipping)

Product Size - Measure, Measure, Measure!

Many people have a hard time visioning the true size of an object when looking at an image on the computer screen. Most online stores such as cartoonfansclub will include a measurement guide or product measurements so that you will be able to better grasp the size of the item. The problem is that many consumers breeze right by these measurements and instead imagine the product in their head at a totally different size because “the picture looked like the right size”.

I advise people when shopping online to physically measure out something of comparable size to better visualize the item.  For example, a kids size backpack measures 9″x12″. It is much easier to understand the size when you compare that measurement to the size of an office paper (8″x11″).  Think of this backpack as 1inch wider and 1 inch taller than that zerox paper.  Now can you picture better!

I know some consumers will argue, my kid is only in 3rd grade, therefore a kids size backpack should fit.  Unfortunately that’s not they way the manufacturer world works.  Don’t be mislead by your own interpretation, analyze the dimension.  5 or 6 years from now, you will still call your kid a kid.  Neither does the manufacturer nor the retailer know your kid and understand his needs as well as you do. If your kid needs a backpack for school, consider a regular size backpack,  

I advise people when shopping online to get some chalk and draw the product size on the side walk to better grasp the size of the item in question. Use any method possible, but it is better to understand the size of the product that you are ordering so that your expectations can be adjusted accordingly


Effectively teach with goal and rewards

Positive reinforcement and teaching is more effective when a parent or teacher gives the students a clear goal and a coinciding reward to strive for when and if that goal is reached. The goal for a student in a positive reward system should be one that is both obtainable and measurable. School supplies and toys often make great rewards because they can be enjoyed daily and seen often, and they act as reminders to the child of their achievement.


I encourage younger students who reach small goals with smaller school supplies like themed pencils, pencil cases, art supplies and key chains. Larger goals are usually set by the parents and often consist of large toys, trips or the ever popular “reward package”


Why should we use rewards at all?

I believe that we currently live in a reward based society. The adult world is similar to the world of a child (i.e. if we work hard, we will get a raise). The difference between the adult and child models are that adults are rewarded with more monetary based rewards that we then choose how to reward ourselves. Many will argue that there should be no reward for common behaviors and academics, that the knowledge and pride in our achievements should be enough. I couldn’t agree more that is the way it should be, but unfortunately I have to say that it is not this way. I agree that not every little thing should be rewarded, nor should the parent lose sight in parenting, but there are times when a child can not see the value in what they do and unless motivated in some fashion, will not do it. These are the times when the discretion of the parent comes into play and reward systems may provide an option