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Party Planning Tips

We have all experienced those times when we want to host a party but budget is tight. The more you think about the guest list, the longer it becomes and the more excited you get. And then, thinking about the things you’ll have to buy to pull off this party, the excitement comes to an [...]

New casualty of the economy, Biederlack is out of business!

What a pity that Biederlack is now driven out of business. With so many years of working together, I know customers and some fans really like their product and look for them year after year. With them out of business, there is not too much choice of sports blankets and throws left on [...]

Locomotive Luggage is gone, but would it be coming back?

One of our most popular kids luggage for the past year, the train shaped luggage suitcase is now completely sold out. There might still be a couple of units that you might be able to find at, but I don’t think the inventory there would last long either. Our purchasing department want to bring [...]

Wii, flex your Nintendo power with these Holiday gift ideas!

It’s the Holiday season again. Lot of young friends, including my own son and daughter wish Santa bring them a Wii. But for friends who already own Wii, these are some cute gift ideas for Nintendo fans:
1. All I know I learnt from Nintendo tshirt, design by Changes
2. Nintendo character plush [...]

Why use Google Checkout!

Some customers who are new to Google Checkout have hesitated about using it. Here are some reasons why they hesitated, and the reasoning behind why it’s to your best interest to use Google Checkout:
1. Customer: “I don’t have a Google Account yet”
Answer: “Don’t worry about not having a Google [...]

Big season for Elmo

With Christmas just around the corner, Elmo and friends from Sesame Street Workshop are getting hot again! Here is our 2008 Elmo toy scoreboard (ranked by popularity):
1. Barbie loves Elmo doll playset by Mattel
2. Elmo Game House. Perfect gift to entertain the young fans. But adults needs to spare sometime to play [...]

Sportscoverage Holiday Schedule!

Hey sports fans! Checkout our sports category and pick a sports themed gift featuring your favorite teams. has a great selection of home decor and gifts from the MLB, NHL, NFL and NCAA. Aside from our great selection of floor mats, car mats, watches, and lighters we also offer a great selection [...]

High School Musical Gifts For The Holiday

With the release of the newest addition to Disney’s High School Musical series, High School Musical 3: Senior Year has been exceeding all expectation in ticket sales, CD sales and product sales. The movie has been such a hit with tweens and teens that Disney is even planning a fourth installment due out in 2010. [...]

Magic of Tinker Bell

With the recent release of Tinker Bell movie and dvd, fairy related toys and supplies have become one of the hottest trends for 2008 Holiday shopping. In fact, according to web search statistics at cartoonfansclub, Tinker Bell currently ranks as the 3rd most frequently searched character name. That’s up from #9 from [...]

Smart Holiday Shopping Tips

It has been nearly two months since the Wall Street meltdown and the credit crunch shook up. Unemployment rate is up, consumer confidence is down… with all these negative news around us, it’s important to plan early and spend wisely. Here are some planning tips:
1. Plan early and have a shopping list.
It’s [...]