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Teach Kids to Save with a Piggy Bank

In this tense economic climate, teaching children good spending and saving habits is a lesson that will help them throughout life. Financial author Hollis Harmon said, “I think the concept missing in our culture is this default mentality of saving a portion of everything you receive. If that could be plugged into our kids before the age of ten, it would be like brushing your teeth-you have to do that too.”

You can use a fun method of saving that we have all used at one time or another in life…the piggy bank. Nowadays there are ceramic piggy banks and coin banks to suit every child. We now carry piggy banks in all different themes.

The Baseball All Star Piggy Bank is perfect for a girl or boy on the softball team or simply a fan of baseball. It could add a pleasant detail to a baseball-themed room.

If your little girl loves princesses and tiaras she’ll enjoy the Princess Ceramic Piggy Bank with Tiara and Ballerina Tutu. This lovely and unique princess coin bank will surely be a focal point.

Our Flower Purple Ceramic Piggy Bank would also work well in a young girl’s room while promoting good saving habits.


Football fans may prefer the clever Football Piggy Bank. It looks like a classic piggy bank, but has that “pigskin” football look. An NFL theme or sports theme bedroom would be a great fit for this football coin bank.

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