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Spring Cleaning! Organize Your Kid’s Room

It’s hard to believe Spring is almost upon us, especially when the weather is still quite frigid. But with the cold temperatures outside, it’s a good time to start an indoor project like organizing your child’s room. Of course the phrase “organize kid’s room” may seem like an oxymoron, but there are advantages to doing so. A well organized room is much easier to clean up. No matter how dirty the room gets it ahould be fairly easy to put things away quickly when everything has a home. It’s also a good way to help young children learn to keep things tidy.

Tips To Organize Your Child’s Room

  1. Throw away anything broken, unuseable or too worn to be reused.
  2. Give away old clothes or toys to someone in need or have a garage sale.
  3. Separate your childs room into zones. Depending on the child’s age there could be a homework zone, sleep zone, play zone, art zone, getting dressed zone or other areas.
  4. Once the room is decluttered its easy to see what you need to make your child’s room a comfortable and more efficient space.
  5. Consider the size of the item to be stored and find an appropriate container.

Just because a product says shoe organizer doesn’t mean it can only hold shoes. It might be used to hold towels, toys, clothing accessories… just about anything you can think of. A hanging closet organizer can help provide space for a room lacking storage. These types of organizers are almost like portable shelving. They’re great for storing bulky items like jeans, sweatshirts and sweaters.

If you want to add a little style to a childs room while storing small items, consider classic tin lunch boxes Because they’re tin you can put magnets on them to hold little notes. It’s also great for storing jewelry and electronic equipment like the Nintendo DS or an MP3 player. Add small decorative shelves to the walls for even more storage. We have many colorful modular shelves that are an inexpensive solution to your storage problems.

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