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Chef Quality Kitchen Utensils- Makes the Perfect Gift

Ganz has done it again with their line of high quality kitchen items for the amateur chef or most discriminating foodie. Their cruets or oil and vinegar bottles are made of thick, high quality glass and zinc alloy metal. The durable stoppers form a tight seal so you don’t have to worry about oil or vinegar leaking out of the bottle. They are the perfect size to keep near a stove or on the table for a quick drizzle of flavor. The glass cruet bottles with metal stoppers are decorated with unique engravings such as wine and cheese, a cross, a rooster, sunflowers and many other designs.

Each design has its own line of matching kitchen utensils. For instance, you can get heavy zinc measuring cups, decorative measuring spoons and even matching glass and steel salt and pepper shakers in the theme of your choice. The decorative measuring cups and embellished measuring spoons are bound with a leather cord and engraved with various decorations. There are even measuring spoons labeled “dash,” “pinch” and “smidgen” in similar coordinating styles. Whether you have a Rooster theme kitchen, Vineyard theme kitchen, Sunflower theme kitchen, Angel theme kitchen or Herb Garden them kitchen you will find something that fits your decor. The “Dash of Love” salt and pepper shakers and heart shaped measuring spoons and measuring cups are very popular items. These kitchen tools are made of such quality material they are sure to have a permanent place in your kitchen or on your table.


...And a Dash of Love

...And a Dash of Faith

Decorative fish measuring spoons with scalloped scoops

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