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Party Planning Tips

We have all experienced those times when we want to host a party but budget is tight. The more you think about the guest list, the longer it becomes and the more excited you get. And then, thinking about the things you’ll have to buy to pull off this party, the excitement comes to an abrupt halt. There are invitations, paper goods, decorations, party gifts, food & drinks, the list becomes a deal breaker. But it doesn’t have to ruin the party, the earlier you plan, the more thoughts you put into it, the easier it is to keep within budget control. Here are a few tips for your next party planner to consider:

  • Don’t Mail Invitations
    Send email invitations instead. Besides saving on the expense of a purchased invitation card, with the cost of postage seemingly increasing every other month, it makes good sense to turn to electronic invitations for all but the most formal events
  • Save money with a Little more work with the Produce
    It’s tempting to pick up those little packages of pre-washed, pre-cut fruits and veggies, but they come at a price. Buy your produce in bulk and prep it yourself to save on your party grocery bill. It usually lasts longer, and stays fresher if you wash and cut your produce closer to the party date. And while we’re on the subject of produce, always choose produce that is in-season for your area. That’s where you’ll find the best deals
  • Limit amount of disposables
    Even the least expensive paper plates, cups, and plastic cutlery will quickly add up. Although it’s unthinkable to be without disposables in some parties, especially when lots of young kids are involved, we can limit the number of wasted disposables such as writing names on the back of the cups and plates, encourage kids to reuse them. For parties that have a large guest list of older children, when breaking the plates is not a concern, you can save on that expense by using your regular dinnerware, flatware, and glassware. Not only will this save on expenses, it’s also good for the environment.
  • Plan early to maximize your choice and discounts.
    Most customers or party planners get discount for bulk purchase of party favor and gifts from party supply stores such as And usually the more flexible you are with the merchandise choice, and the more lead time you give us, the deeper the discount can be.
  • So plan early, contact us for your bulk purchase discount pricing, and the rest is just plain easy. Have FUN! and send us or post some of your party photos so that we can all share and spread your happiness.

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