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Product Size - Measure, Measure, Measure!

Many people have a hard time visioning the true size of an object when looking at an image on the computer screen. Most online stores such as cartoonfansclub will include a measurement guide or product measurements so that you will be able to better grasp the size of the item. The problem is that many consumers breeze right by these measurements and instead imagine the product in their head at a totally different size because “the picture looked like the right size”.

I advise people when shopping online to physically measure out something of comparable size to better visualize the item.  For example, a kids size backpack measures 9″x12″. It is much easier to understand the size when you compare that measurement to the size of an office paper (8″x11″).  Think of this backpack as 1inch wider and 1 inch taller than that zerox paper.  Now can you picture better!

I know some consumers will argue, my kid is only in 3rd grade, therefore a kids size backpack should fit.  Unfortunately that’s not they way the manufacturer world works.  Don’t be mislead by your own interpretation, analyze the dimension.  5 or 6 years from now, you will still call your kid a kid.  Neither does the manufacturer nor the retailer know your kid and understand his needs as well as you do. If your kid needs a backpack for school, consider a regular size backpack,  

I advise people when shopping online to get some chalk and draw the product size on the side walk to better grasp the size of the item in question. Use any method possible, but it is better to understand the size of the product that you are ordering so that your expectations can be adjusted accordingly


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