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Magic of Tinker Bell

With the recent release of Tinker Bell movie and dvd, fairy related toys and supplies have become one of the hottest trends for 2008 Holiday shopping. In fact, according to web search statistics at cartoonfansclub, Tinker Bell currently ranks as the 3rd most frequently searched character name. That’s up from #9 from last month.

Some of the hottest Tinker Bell gifts are:

Dolls & Toys

Tinker Bell Ride-Along Friends Doll Playset $ 26.00 by
Tinker Bell plush backpack $ 18.50 by
Tinker Bell Fashion Playset $ 28.50 by Superbackpack

Fashion Accessories
Very Sassy Tinker Bell Zip Wallet $13.95
Tinker Bell knit beanie & gloves

School Supplies

Very Glamour Fairy Backpack
Tinker Bell Pencils , crayons, diary, bookcovers


Peter Pan and Tinker Bell 3 DVD gift set
Tinker Bell 2008

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